Residential Locksmith


Residential Locksmith


SLS Locksmiths are fully qualified to service all your residential locksmith needs. We provide services of installation, repair and replacement of domestic locks :

• Deadlatch
• Deadlock
• Deadbolt
• Mortise lock
• Window lock
• Security door / screen door lock
• Sliding door lock
• Patio bolt
• Knob / Lever entrance set

We only use genuine brands that are good quality while being affordable.

Locked out of your house? No entry, no cost!

Our qualified locksmiths can open most locks without causing damage. In the unlikely event that a lock will need to be altered, we will notify you before the procedure and repair the lock after we have gained entry.

Lost your keys or moved into a new house?

If you have lost your keys or moved into a new house, the security of your property and your valuable family assets will be your first concern. Changing your locks is made easy with our affordable peace of mind.

Annoyed by carrying too many keys for your house?

In most cases, we can make one key that suits all locks in your house. Don’t be weighed down by too many keys - we provide a convenient solution that is safe and secure. Give us a call to discuss!

  • gainsborough dead bolt
  • BDS Cash box 250mm
  • Ross Mini Electric Strike
  • Trilock
  • T handle wih C4 profile
  • Nexion lock set
  • LW005 deadbolt