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SLS Locksmiths offers 24 / 7 emergency locksmith service in Abbotsford for scenarios of being locked out of premises, lost car keys, faulty ignition barrel issues, broken key, etc.
all relating to your keys.
We guarantee we will have a locksmith to you within an hour every time, just call 03 9996 1419, 24 hours 7 days

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Locked out of your house? No entry, no cost! for Abbotsford

Our qualified locksmiths can open most locks without causing damage.
In the unlikely event that a lock will need to be altered, we will notify you before the procedure and repair the lock after we have gained entry.

Lost your keys or moved into a new house?for Abbotsford

If you have lost your keys or moved into a new house, the security of your property and your valuable family assets will be your first concern.
Changing your locks is made easy with our affordable peace of mind.

Annoyed by carrying too many keys for your house?for Abbotsford

In most cases, we can make one key that suits all locks in your house.
Don’t be weighed down by too many keys - we provide a convenient solution that is safe and secure.
Give us a call to discuss!

Locked out of your office?for Abbotsford

It can be hard to gain entry to a secure office with a complicated locking system.
Don’t stress! SLS Locksmiths have specialist tools and experience to gain entry into almost all types of restricted keyed locks.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including public holidays.

Locked out of your car?for Abbotsford

No worries! SLS Locksmiths can help you.
We can open most cars including prestige cars without any damage as we are fully qualified to service automotive locks and have specialist tools.
No more scratches on your car when a locksmith opens it.
You can trust SLS Locksmiths!

Lost all your car keys and remotes?for Abbotsford

We can make new keys and remotes for most cars in Australia on location.
So if you have lost your car keys or remotes, we can supply you with replacements wherever you are.
No need for costly towing or waiting for a dealership to provide keys for your vehicle.
Simply give us a call for a quote.

Need spare keys?for Abbotsford

Most cars manufactured since 1999 have some form of immobilizer system fitted from the factory.
Each immobilizer system differs – even those from the same manufacturer.
We offer affordable prices for cloning and programming keys for your car so give us a call.

Price will vary, depending on the car model and manufacturer.

Locked out of your office?for Abbotsford

It can be hard to gain entry to a secure office with a complicated locking system.
Don’t stress! SLS Locksmiths have specialist tools and experience to gain entry into almost all types of restricted keyed locks.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including public holidays.

CALL YOUR 24 HOUR Abbotsford Locksmiths NO

Need to find a 24 hour Abbotsford Locksmiths service you know can trust? Found yourself locked out of your home, office or car? Don’t want to pay for expensive emergency call outs to get you back up and running? With our fantastic service at your expert Abbotsford Locksmiths experienced solution provider you’re in safe hands.
We know all about the inconvenience and stress of a lock out, break in or key breakage.
That’s why our exceptional quality solution promises to deliver affordable quality, fast.
You want to know that when you obtain a local Abbotsford Locksmiths you’re getting the best security service and quality.
We understand that you want the best to gain access to your property in an efficient and timely manner.
That’s why so many clients trust us to solve all their lock requirements.

Tips to prevent a lockout emergency from a SLS Abbotsford Locksmiths professional

Abbotsford Locksmiths blue locked doorSomething that we are well aware of here is the large amount of stress which an unfortunate lockout emergency can cause.
Should disaster hit, and you are in need of a 24 hour available Abbotsford Locksmiths emergency lockout service provider, there is no need to distress as you can always get in touch with our professional team who will be with you before you know it.
Although emergencies and catastrophes happen, as clever and intuitive, not to mention practical creatures, there are ways in which we can put measures into place.
Measures which can aid in the prevention of this type of potentially highly stressful situations, and save you much trouble in the future.

The points which this Abbotsford Locksmiths provider would like to bring up, is the importance of habit and the importance of foreseeing a scenario in which you may find yourself locked out.
The first out of the two is something you do in your day to day routine, and finding, and keeping good spots for your keys which are made routine will lessen the risk of losing your keys.
And that not even mentioning the time a busy person will save not having to search for keys.

The second point is about preparation.
If someone told you that you will be without keys a particular day next week, it’s very likely that you would plan for it and make arrangements for key swopping and such to take place in a good and workable manner.
The best Abbotsford Locksmiths provider tip we’ve heard for keeping well prepared for a situation as such, is simply to leave and keep spare keys with trust worthy and geographically reachable persons should an emergency arise.

Common Sense Every Day Home Security

Abbotsford Locksmiths common sense home securityIn our security blog we have brought up many home tips and tricks which you can use.
And with small changes or small investments you can greatly improve the security rating of your home.
Today we would like to step away a little bit from that subject, and bring it back to people, thought and common sense.
As a SLS Abbotsford Locksmiths provider, we often see many things which go against logic when it comes to home security, careless handling of keys, forgetting or not bothering to close windows and doors, and not giving thought to the outside areas and outside security of a home are things which are more common than one would initially think.
This is why we today would like to recommend for anyone to have a little look at their own routines and perhaps have a little think about what you are doing in your day to day, which may be changed without issue that would help your security situation.
If you need any pointers on what to do from a Abbotsford Locksmiths provider, you can give us a call and ask any of our dedicated team for advice on what type of routines may be good for you in your own security situation to try and make a habit.

Raising home security awareness

Abbotsford Locksmiths security awareness keyring with keysAsk any Abbotsford Locksmiths provider and you’ll find that we all agree that home security here in the UK is something that we need to raise awareness about.
We see that there are many homes that lack proper protection, and often it’s not due to the fact that making sure that the security is up to date is too expensive.
But simply due to the fact that people are unaware of the risks and the often simple methods in which they can battle and lower these risks.
As a first step, we recommend that anyone get in touch with a Abbotsford Locksmiths service provider and have a security survey performed by a trained professional with the eyes to identify correctly the existing threats at the property in question.
Should you require a home security inspection, you can book one in with us, please feel free to give us a call at any time.
With flexibility we can fit the time to suit your day, and with dedication we can help you find the best possible security solution for your home.
So make sure that you read up on what is required in the current day and age to keep your home and your belongings safe, and should you have any questions or need a Abbotsford Locksmiths service, please give us a call.
We are always ready and happy to help answer your questions.

Beware of the dog!

Abbotsford Locksmiths beware of the dog signOne of the most efficient methods of keeping your home secure which we as a Abbotsford Locksmiths security provider agrees with, is that of keeping a security guard.
Of course we are speaking here, of the creature also known as man’s best friend.
With a hyper sensitive sense of smell a dog makes the perfect intruder alarm, and intruder protection.
However, of course keeping a good level of security at home is not enough reason to keep a dog.
Even for a Abbotsford Locksmiths security expert keeping a dog just for the purpose of guarding your home is not a good enough reason.
After all, a dog is a creature which requires much love, care and also comes with a great responsibility which is placed on the owner.
A dog on the premises is a very strong deterring factor for many burglars, and would most likely turn the attention away from your home as a target.
But as mentioned, not everyone would like to get a dog, this is why we as a Abbotsford Locksmiths security provider instead recommends that you pretend you have a companion and guard at home.
Putting up signs warning for the dog, and perhaps purchase a realistic sounding barking dog alarm which is triggered by motion sensors outside the door is a great idea.
This way, you will be able to avoid any opportunistic thieves who look may have seen your property as a potential target if it wasn’t for the risk of the home having a private security guard and a beware of the dog sign in the window.
To get in touch with a Abbotsford Locksmiths security provider for more tips and advice on your home security, please feel free to give us a ring, our team are happy to help and share information as well as answer your questions with regards to how you can keep your home safe from potential thieves and burglars.

Key-less House Key pros and cons from Abbotsford Locksmiths

Abbotsford Locksmiths key-less homeWith new technology comes also what seems more and more like a sci-fi home.
Something that many are considering these days is that of installing a locking system at home which does not feature a key.
Abbotsford Locksmiths understands that it can be very annoying and highly frustrating to look for your keys in your purse or the multitude of pockets, which seem to multiply as the weather gets colder and the layers to keep warm becomes higher in numbers.
Just as the Abbotsford Locksmiths team can see the reverse scenario just as stressful.
Finding yourself at home in a rush and in search of your keys seemingly without much luck can be unnerving and as these type of scenarios often seem to crop up at the worst possible times it amplifies the stress of the situation.
Using a key-less system at home is something that would extinguish these type of scenarios, however even if it can be of great benefit.
Abbotsford Locksmiths also thinks another positive with a key-less entry system is that many of this type of systems come with the feature of being able to remotely unlock your door, so should you be coming home with a car full of shopping and no extra hands spare to help you out, this utility can be highly convenient and practical.
Although Abbotsford Locksmiths sees many benefits to a key-less system, there are also some negatives, so we would also like to bring up some of the cons of this type of convenience.
The first thing Abbotsford Locksmiths would like to bring to attention, is that of in emergency cases.
Handling electronic equipment is not always the easiest in a pressured situation, and it can be easy to become flustered and press the numbers correctly without fumbling on the key panel.
At extreme times it can even be difficult to remember the correct code.
Something that many we hear often as a concern to keyless systems as well, is that the code could be guessed by an intruder.
And although Abbotsford Locksmiths sees this as true, we also don’t see it as the major disadvantage as it is highly unlikely to happen as long as you make sure you don’t choose a code which is easy to guess, based on birthdays, old addresses and phone number etc.
What Abbotsford Locksmiths instead would like to place emphasis on here is the know issues that many of these type of systems have in case of power failures, and although some systems come with their own backup power reserve, there is still a chance that you may lose access to your home which wouldn’t be the case with regular lock and key.
Lastly, although Abbotsford Locksmiths have nothing against keyless solutions, we do see that although the convenience is high and in the ideal situation this type of solution would work well.
The price of a keyless systems weighs out the benefits of it, and if you are looking for the best security solution on a budget, it would not be our first recommendation.

Information on Light timers with Abbotsford Locksmiths

Abbotsford Locksmiths timerIf you ask any home security expert the vast majority of them would agree that leaving lights on light timers is good when you go away.
The Abbotsford Locksmiths team of course agrees on this as well and would advice it to anyone that is planning to spend time away.
In placement and setting the timers the Abbotsford Locksmiths team would recommend just to mimic your own behaviour in the evening, as so there is no chance to the look from the exterior in your patters.
Of course it’s not an exact science, but you can always test run it whilst you are in the house.
There are a few different types of timers, and although they don’t differ majorly there are some slight differences in them which may affect your own choice and preference.
And Abbotsford Locksmiths would like to also give a reminder to that although cleverly placed light timers in the house provides good protection and acts as an efficient deterring factor for potential intruders, it is no replacement for a proper home alarm system which if you ask us about.
Abbotsford Locksmiths are more than happy to provide you with information and advice on.

Common plug timers

The most commonly used timer which Abbotsford Locksmiths sees in practice is the type that you just place between the light and your socket at home.
They are easy to set, and most commonly very affordable in price.
There are of course some digital versions, often with a display which are commonly used as well, and when it comes to what choice between the two is the better.
Abbotsford Locksmiths doesn’t have a strong opinion, as they functionality is the same, and it’s more a matter of personal preference.

Timers wired though the mains

Abbotsford Locksmiths mains timerFor Abbotsford Locksmiths this type of timer is of preference, a timer which is hooked up to the mains, controlled by a digital display.
These timers also come with utility for convenience in your day to day life as well as most commonly offer good flexible programming, meaning that dynamic schemes can be set, which are more changing in time, and therefore acts as a better mimic of your being at home.
The biggest issue that Abbotsford Locksmiths sees with this type of timer is of course the installation process, since it’s hooked up to the main switch itself, it requires that the switch itself is rewired.
This takes some time and expertise, or a handy man for installation.
One more thing that Abbotsford Locksmiths would like to point out, is that these type of switches often don’t have the utility to use LED lights or energy saving bulbs.
Generally this type of timer will also come with a slightly higher price tag, however still very affordable and something that Abbotsford Locksmiths highly recommends.

SLS 24 HOUR Abbotsford Locksmiths SAFETY CAMPAIGN

Abbotsford Locksmiths safety Banner Here at SLS Abbotsford Locksmiths we’re happy to announce our new Bike and Road Safety Campaign to help support the local community.
We’re all too familiar with the busy nature of the roads and the risks faced by cyclists and road users.
Abbotsford Locksmiths vehicles are frequently driving around the city and adhere to strict and safe speed limits.
But we also understand that cyclists and children are particularly at risk of being involved in an accident.
We would like to provide children’s high visibility vests per month to schools, charities and organisations working with children as a Abbotsford Locksmiths commitment to safety.
Apply now.

Dedicated Light Bulb holders

For Abbotsford Locksmiths the already made light bulb holders which come with timer and often dimmer capabilities are a very good option if you would like to stay away from any wiring and re-wiring.
Instead of getting a timer installed at the wall socket or use a converter, you simply install the light fitting.
Often this type of fitting is not something that you can program and work on the being activated due to the light in the room.
And a draw back which Abbotsford Locksmiths would like to bring up is that they have at times been reported as not working correctly with a lamp shade.

7 day timers

Something Abbotsford Locksmiths also highly recommends, for utility without complicated installation is the type of timers that come with digital programming which allow for up to a 7 day cycle to be programmed.
This means that you can program in something which doesn’t seem automatic, and most commonly this type of timer is just an addition to your plug socket as well and operating on a battery.
For Abbotsford Locksmiths this would be the ideal choice for quick installation and for programming utility, and therefore higher security value.

What timer to pick

Abbotsford Locksmiths what timer to pickThe decision on what type of timer to get is something that Abbotsford Locksmiths are happy to leave up to you, it’s a matter of preference and what is of use in practice for each individual.
Regardless of your own choice of light timer, Abbotsford Locksmiths are advocates for the use of light timers as a security measure.
And should you wish to make sure that the rest of your home security is where it needs to be in order to keep you secure as can be, please get in touch with the Abbotsford Locksmiths team, we are always welcoming the opportunity to assist and help our customers.

The right time for a security inspection with Abbotsford Locksmiths

Abbotsford Locksmiths home security inspectionWith 2014 coming to an end, the team here would like to send our best Christmas greetings, and wish you the best for the incoming year.
At this time of year many of us, including the Abbotsford Locksmiths team, are busy thinking about what type of new year’s resolution one would like to commit to.
With the new year comes new beginnings and for us at Abbotsford Locksmiths we see now as an ample time to give your home or your business property security some thought.
What better thing to commit to than your own future and your own security, not to mention the security and safety of your family.
Plus what’s even better, getting on top of your home or business security is not something that needs to take much time, effort or money.
Just get in touch with our experienced expert team at Abbotsford Locksmiths.
If you book a security inspection with us we’ll be able to help you identify the risk areas which may need some attention at your property.
Lastly Abbotsford Locksmiths would also like to remind you of the importance of making sure that your home or business security is in line of that with your insurance policy in case catastrophe should strike.
With Abbotsford Locksmiths you will have all your bases covered, and we are happy to come and perform a security survey at a time with is convenient to you.
So please feel free to get in touch today!

Taking adequate security measures with Abbotsford Locksmiths

We warmly recommend having a look at this video by one of the leading alarm and security providers in the UK, namely ADT.
Although many burglars and thieves are opportunistic, Abbotsford Locksmiths knows that there is still a large quantity of intelligent and forward thinking individuals out there who have made breaking in and stealing something more planned for.
It’s not the intention of the Abbotsford Locksmiths team to scare you, and although the burglars are becoming better, there are many ways in which you can protect yourself, you family and your belongings.
There are many ways in which a burglar can gain access though a door or window, however there are also many ways to deter and lessen the risk for your home.
The below video brings up some very good points from reformed burglars, who are speaking about how they used to operate, and what type of things which would deter them from choosing a house as a target.
Things like gravel driveways which make a ruckus when one walks on them, outdoor lighting which Abbotsford Locksmiths highly recommends as an inexpensive deterrent, alarm systems and CCTV cameras.
The vast majority of the ex-burglars included in the survey of this video stated that they would avoid monitored alarm systems, which makes it one of the top security features you can add to your home or business.
If using a video surveillance system is something not wanted or something that you feel comes at too high of a cost, then Abbotsford Locksmiths can help you get some mock CCTV cameras, which look and act authentic with red LED’s indicating that the camera is recording.

A secure home with Abbotsford Locksmiths

One of the most valuable things which you can ever invest in is your own security and safety.
When it comes to the value of your belongings and the safety of your family it is impossible write it down in a strictly monetary way.
Abbotsford Locksmiths highly recommends you have a look at the video below, as we very much agree with Lover Your Home, who are the makers of the video on the points they make.
Should you require any help in improving your own home security, or if you would like some help with getting any of the security measures taken in the video please feel free to give Abbotsford Locksmiths a call.
On top of fitting what is discussed in the video below we can of course also help you find the best and most secure solution and arrangement.
At locksmiths Abbotsfordwe also perform professional security inspections, in which we will be able to help you find the highest risk areas for you, and give you advice on how to make sure that you are protected in the best way possible.

On our website we are always updating with new home and business security tips.
So please keep tuned into the Abbotsford Locksmiths homepage for more useful tips and tricks.

Good habits for your electronic devices from Abbotsford Locksmiths

Abbotsford Locksmiths phone thiefAnother good security reminder that we would like to share and emphasize is that of practicing good habits for your electronic devices.
In the current age we make use of technology in a grand scale, and something that Abbotsford Locksmiths suggests to better keep track and keep a hold of your own devices like phone, laptop, tablet and so on is simply to remember where you put them.
Of course promoting good security habits is something that Abbotsford Locksmiths has always been an advocate for.
And with the increased risk in having many portable devices we see it even more important to keep this in mind.
So after you’ve you use your smart phone, tablet, laptop, mp3 player, kindle and so on.
Just remember to put them away, out of sight and out of reach of potential burglars.
It takes only a few minutes for an opportunistic burglar to reach though an open window and pick up the phone that’s been left charging on the desk or near the window.
So from your 24 hour locksmiths Abbotsford, keep good habits for where you place your equipment when you are not using it, hiding away and placing out of view and reach of potential thieves.
And if you have any questions at all please feel free to get in touch with the experts here.

Info on Home security and Motion sensors from Abbotsford Locksmiths

Abbotsford Locksmiths motion detectorMotion sensors is something that many of the currently used home alarm intruders systems make use of, which is why Abbotsford Locksmiths would like to give you a little bit of information to take into account when you give thought to your own home security.
A motion sensor, often also referred to as a motion detector is commonly a main feature of the average home security system.
It simply does what it says, and when the security system is alarmed, motion within the home is detected and potential intruders will sound the alarm and potentially notify your security service, or you though for instance a mobile device.
Please feel free to contact Abbotsford Locksmiths to discuss what type of alarm and what way of being notified of unauthorized movement in your home is best and most suiting to your security situation and needs.
In addition to notification of a potential intruder, there are also other things which you can set up motion detectors to trigger, for instance taking photos or recording video when the alarm is triggered.
Abbotsford Locksmiths motion detector 2For Abbotsford Locksmiths the we see motion detectors as a highly efficient way to provide security in your home, they stand guard at all times when your are not present yourself to keep a look out.
On top of that, Abbotsford Locksmiths can also advice on home alarm and motion detector systems which have great practicality and functionality beyond that of being an intruder alarm.
For instance some systems allow you to set up a door bell trigger when someone approaches the front door, some also include motion sensor activated out and indoor lighting.
Another thing which Abbotsford Locksmiths sees in practice can be very useful is that you can customize your system as so to be used as a health and safety measure and receive notification when children or pets enter they are not supposed to be in like the basement, or the workshop where there may be many tools and potential dangers.
If you have any questions or thought on installing a home alarm system, please get in touch with Abbotsford Locksmiths today, we can help advice you on not only the type of motion sensors which is suitable to you, but also what type of measures you can take to over all increase the security of your home and the safety of your family.

Christmas Safety with Abbotsford Locksmiths

Abbotsford Locksmiths christmas burglarIt’s a busy time of year, and there are many things to keep in mind.
And for us, security is something that we would like to add to the list of things to make sure you have checked before Christmas.
The reason of course is that the risk of home intrusion is elevated due to that many people are away from home, leaving their property empty whilst celebrating the holidays with their family and friends.
This is of course a wonderful time of year, but Abbotsford Locksmiths also knows that there is only good reason to prepare in order to prevent any unwanted and unfortunate situations.
Abbotsford Locksmiths sees a couple of things which are inexpensive for this type of scenario, one of them is to get some timers for the lights in your home.
With a wide range of homes being empty over the holiday season, opportunistic burglars may be searching for targets, placing timers around your home making it seem as if someone is there from the outside is a great way to deter these opportunists.
Abbotsford Locksmiths knows that every little deterring factor can play a big role in the choice of target during this season.
So make sure you add a couple of timers to your Christmas shopping list, for just a few pounds you can greatly reduce the risk of attack during your time away.
Another thing which Abbotsford Locksmiths recommends you check before you are off to meet and greet those close to you is of course that of an intruder alarm system.
If you’ve had thoughts about installing a hole security alarm system, Abbotsford Locksmiths sees now as the ample time to take a quick look.
At Abbotsford Locksmiths we have a wide variety of affordable alarm systems in stock, also of course meaning that they are ready for installation.
Abbotsford Locksmiths merry christmas keyringSo get in touch with Abbotsford Locksmiths today, and we can help you choose a security solution which suits you, and on top of that we will come and install it at a time convenient to you.
It’s quick and easy, and will provide your home with greatly reduced risk of theft, home intrusion and unpleasant surprises when you arrive back.
So make sure you have a relaxing and fun holiday away without worries, Abbotsford Locksmiths is ready to take your inquiry today.
Lastly we would of course like to wish you a great holiday and a very Merry Christmas!

Promoting home security at Abbotsford Locksmiths

As we see an increased need in security for the private customer, here out team would like to recommend watching this home security video by the west midlands police.
It brings up many little tips which are useful to keep in mind when wanting to improve on your own home security.
If you would like to get an individual security survey done for your specific property, please feel free to get in touch with Abbotsford Locksmiths.
We can book one in for your at a time which is convenient to you, and our experts can make sure that you have all your risk areas covered.

Security survey to find the best possible solution from Abbotsford Locksmiths

Abbotsford Locksmiths home security surveyOne of the things that we see here as a key factor in being able to provide the best type of individual security solution is that of keeping flexible.
Abbotsford Locksmiths knows that each security situation has its own ideal solution, and in our security surveys we can identify some of the best ways, methods and products to keep your security at the highest possible level.
With a broad range of current security products in stock and with competitive pricing on our services we are able to help improve on your security within the limit of your budget, regardless if you are a business or a private customer.
At Abbotsford Locksmiths we always listen to you as the customer, and tailor our suggestions and solutions to fit your specific requirements and needs.
By this we mean both in practicality as well as in providing the best and most cost effective security solutions applicable to you.
Should you have any concerns or questions on the subject of your own home or business security, please feel free to get in touch today, Abbotsford Locksmiths can help make sure that your security is up to scratch and risk is kept low.
On top of that with our flexible approach, we are happy to book meetings, perform security surveys and installations at a time which is suiting to your schedule.
Of course at Abbotsford Locksmiths we understand that time is precious, and as we respect the time of our customers we always aim to perform our services in a timely and professional manner to the highest level of industry standards.

Some information on key cutting from Abbotsford Locksmiths

Abbotsford Locksmiths key cutting macheneToday key cutting is not exactly what it was a hundred years ago, today we have many things which help us with the advanced technology used in the industry.
The thing that Abbotsford Locksmiths recognises however is that the precision and skill needed are traits which remain.
Some may say that it’s easy and the machine these days will do all the work, this however is not true, and the reason we say it requires a high level of skill.
Is simply that there is a very big difference between a locksmith, like locksmiths Abbotsfordwhere the replacement key works first time, and with a smooth turn.
The little adjustments in cleaning, and sanding edges is what makes it.
And only someone of the highest professional skill will be able to do this right every time.
Another aspect which Abbotsford Locksmiths sees as commonly forgotten in this type of comparison with traders of the past century, is of course the complexity of the locks made.
Many brands and products offers keys which are 100% original, and no other key currently in the world will be able to open that particular lock.
Now that is something that Abbotsford Locksmiths sees important here.
The locks of the past were more of a dead bolt type, and the keys required to turn it were not as complex, and therefore it would render them very unsafe to use today.
What you will regularly find at a locksmith is either a manual automatic or semi-automatic machine for key cutting.
They work very similar, where the original key is traced and then replicated.
And in both cases the trained eyes of a locksmith is needed for the fine adjustment as to provide the best and smoothest lock opening experience.
On the market currently there are also a type of laser cutter, which just means that it’s cut via laser rather than the standard blade which it used to be cut by.
For cutting keys which are not of a standard type, say for instance keys which are tubular in shape, at times there is a specific machine or tool required, the same goes for keys which also need to be coded with electronic information and security.
At Abbotsford Locksmiths we can cut any type of regular key directly when you are present in the shop or whilst you take a walk around town, and you’ll have your fresh new key in your hand straight away.
However we can also cut the majority of custom keys, so should you be in need of a spare key for your custom made or electronic lock.
Please do also get in touch, many of the times all that is required out of the ordinary is to get some specialized spare parts in.
Should you have any questions about keys, key cutting, locks or anything related, or if you are in need of getting a key cut.
Please do feel free to get in touch with us today.
The Abbotsford Locksmiths team are always ready to be your service.

Getting a good security overview of your home

Abbotsford Locksmiths uk homeToday we would like to give you some advice in how you can get a different perspective to your own home security.
With our Abbotsford Locksmiths Blog we want to make the public aware of the increased need for home security.
With more high value items which are desirable for potential thieves, risk for the average home owner goes up.
Burglars are becoming more and more crafty in their ways, however there is no need for panic.
With only a couple of things like good lighting, good locks and so forth, we at Abbotsford Locksmiths know that risk of attack is greatly reduced.
So what we suggest from Abbotsford Locksmiths (the blog) today, is to take a walk around your home with only the simple task of keeping your own security in mind.
It can also be very useful perhaps placing yourself in the shoes of a burglar as well, and have a think about how you would go about breaking in to your own, and subsequently have a think about what can stop the risks you see.
A Abbotsford Locksmiths who is an expert in his field can perform professional security surveys and can help make sure that your home security is as solid as it needs to be, but it’s always a good thing to be prepared.
At Abbotsford Locksmiths we know that not all risks are easy to think of a good affordable solution for some risks are even very difficult to spot.
But if you find yourself identifying any risk which you are unsure of how to deal with, or should you wish to get a security check done by a trained professional, please feel free to get in touch with our team here at Abbotsford Locksmiths.

Think that CCTV at home is over the top

Abbotsford Locksmiths CCTVHere at Abbotsford Locksmiths we know that installing a CCTV monitoring system may not always be the most efficient solution for you.
This is why in some cases we recommend to get a dummy CCTV camera installed where it may be very useful as a deterring factor for any type of thief.
There are many benefits to a dummy CCTV camera beyond the deterring factor, here at Abbotsford Locksmiths we see that there is actually no monitoring needed, and the biggest factor of all, may well just be that it costs you next to nothing to get one and is very easy to install at home by yourself.
So the team at Abbotsford Locksmiths recommends for some cases and locations that a dummy CCTV camera might actually be a very good idea, taking into account all the aspects of actual risk, cost and energy investment in monitoring.
Should you be unsure of what the best solution for you is, get in touch with the team here at Abbotsford Locksmiths.
We are always happy to answer questions and assist in any way we can.
Of course this also applies to any other type of lock or security concerns you may have.
And of course SLS Abbotsford Locksmiths network professionals are always up to date with the current market as to be able to provide you with the best of what is out there at any time.

High tech suggestion from Abbotsford Locksmiths

locksmiths Abbotsfordtrip laserWe are currently trying to help people in their everyday lives to make a better and more secure space for themselves as well as for those around them.
And most commonly we here at Abbotsford Locksmiths focus our tips around things which are at a low cost and big impact for your own home security.
However, today the team here at Abbotsford Locksmiths would like to inform you of a new quite fun, but also efficient method of setting up home alarms.
This is why we here at Abbotsford Locksmiths are very happy to inform you of the somewhat high tech solution of installing a laser trip wire.
No, it’s not a science fiction something, you may remember as a child seeing this type of security in the movies.
With all the technological advances currently taking place in the word, this is also of course taking place within the security industry.
And now, at a not so high price we here at Abbotsford Locksmiths sees that it’s not only a fun way of making your home more secure, it is also a very efficient way.
If you get one of these electronic laser trip wires, most commonly they come with a sounding alarm, and often they also come with other little things such as taking a photo in the moment of being tripped, so as to catch the potential burglar on photo.
In our experience here at Abbotsford Locksmiths we see these types of devices come in around the 40 pound mark, and if you are interested in getting one.
We here at Abbotsford Locksmiths would recommend placing it at your back door rather than your front door, as this is the more common way for burglars to get in.
Should you have any questions about your own home security, the best way is of course for you to get in touch with us.
We are always ready to help, and happy to share our knowledge.

Recommending Anti-Snap cylinder locks by Abbotsford Locksmiths

Abbotsford Locksmiths anti snap cylinderWe would like to send out a reminder of the weakness in the standard cylinder locks making them venerable to easy bypass.
At Abbotsford Locksmiths would like to inform you on a technique known as lock snapping.
A technique which many homes in the UK at the moment are vulnerable to, in this technique you also don’t need any type of expensive or specialist tools which is the main reason to it becoming such a commonly used way to break in to someone’s home.
So the Abbotsford Locksmiths would like to send out our highest recommendation to make sure you are up to date, as the lock snapping technique is used in around a third of all burglaries in the UK.
The way it works I by exploiting a week point in the standard cylinder lock, meaning that it can take as little as 15 seconds for someone who has perfected the technique to gain access.
At Abbotsford Locksmiths we also see this as a relatively quiet method of performing a break in.
The issue with the standard has been known to Abbotsford Locksmiths and the locksmith industry for quite some time, yet there seem to be relatively low awareness amongst the community and the public.
This is the reason why the team here at Abbotsford Locksmiths want to make an effort to raise that awareness.
The fact is that many British homes today stand vulnerable to this type of attack thinking they are behind a secure lock.
The issue was announced in media back in 2006, when a locksmith reported the weakness to the media, but time passes quickly and we at Abbotsford Locksmiths have not seen anything with regards to this prompting people for better security in a while.
Should you have any security related questions at all feel free to get in touch with us here at Abbotsford Locksmiths, and keep tuned in for more updates on home security.

Abbotsford Locksmiths gives advice on how to keep security from the inside

Abbotsford Locksmiths uk standard door lockThere are a number of things which one can do at home to improve the security, and reduce the risk of being a victim of a burglar or home intrusion of any sort.
Make sure that the standards to keeping safe door locks are up to that of the British standards which is coded 3621:2007 + A2:2012.
At Abbotsford Locksmiths we also know that the same type of lock standard is common for many home insurance and content insurance companies.
So for Abbotsford Locksmiths, in order to keep your belongings safe, keep to the national security standards as well as that of the standards of the majority of insurance policies, make sure you are up to date.
This is of course something we can help you with at Abbotsford Locksmiths should you need.
The next thing which you can do from the inside is make sure expensive equipment is hidden from view, at Abbotsford Locksmiths we see no need to advertise the belongings you have.
It’s true that often people remind you to lock your doors and windows before you leave the house, at Abbotsford Locksmiths we would also like to remind you to make sure the case is the same before going to bed, and extend it further to the point of, if you are in the garden, make sure all the entrance points at the front of the house are closed and locked.
The last thing we would like to promote as a good habit here at Abbotsford Locksmiths is to not leave any keys in the locks, and to keep your keys hidden from sight and out of view from any window.
Should you have any questions at all about your own security, get in touch with our friendly team here at Abbotsford Locksmiths, and let us help you with your question.

For small business security, some info from Abbotsford Locksmiths

Abbotsford Locksmiths small business securityIf you are the owner or the employee appointed to make sure your office, workshop or business premises is safe and secure, there are a few things that we here at Abbotsford Locksmiths would like to advice you about.
With smaller businesses increasingly being the target of intrusion, vandalism and other type of crime we here at Abbotsford Locksmiths sees the importance of having the area covered.
There are essentially two main ways to provide security for a business, one is though technology and the other is though having trained security personnel stand guard of the building.
Now for small businesses the later is not always the best idea as it comes at a relatively high cost, and often we see at Abbotsford Locksmiths that some sort of alarm and monitoring system is enough to keep risk down.
At Abbotsford Locksmiths there are a few different type of alarms from which you can choose, and our experienced staff can help you find what is best, and right for just your business.
With a monitored alarm system, if triggered someone will be notified, and often this type of service means that the police will also be contacted.
The unmonitored version simply means that when triggered the alarm will sound, and with this type of alarm there are a few different versions.
Some will come with the options of having floodlights activated hopefully scaring off the intruders before damage can be caused.
At Abbotsford Locksmiths we also offer wireless alarm systems, which operates with the options of cameras, flashing lights, sensors, motion detectors etc.
This is what we here at Abbotsford Locksmiths would typically offer to a small business, as it doesn’t come with an outside monitoring cost, and is highly effective.
There are more advanced technology alarms, such as motion detectors for outside, which will only trigger once suspicious activity is taken outside, however also at a higher cost, and this type of system is not something that we at Abbotsford Locksmiths would commonly recommend for small businesses.
The most important thing is that you choose what is right for your business and your property, so give us a call and speak to us here at Abbotsford Locksmiths about your small business security.

Keeping the highest level of professionalism with Abbotsford Locksmiths

Abbotsford Locksmiths professionalOf course our team here understands the importance of always keeping a highly professional service for our customers.
At Abbotsford Locksmiths this is a continuing process or learning, listening and always being on the ball and accepting new challenges.
By being active in our own training, our own preparation, and in knowing the market, the dedicated team here at Abbotsford Locksmiths are able to provide high quality security solutions without compromise at affordable prices.
Understanding that it’s often people’s personal investments and their lives that we are protecting, not only physical property is something important, and this is why we here at Abbotsford Locksmiths take the business of security, no matter the size of the service required as serious.
And of course for our customers, nothing less than the best is good enough.
This is why we at Abbotsford Locksmiths always keep all aspects of security, as well as the customers situation in mind, in working in a flexible way, we can always learn, and in listening we can always assist our customers in the best way.
Lastly, by being well prepared and by keeping abreast of all developments, Abbotsford Locksmiths we can always help immediate emergency situations as well.
At Abbotsford Locksmiths the independent locksmiths you are put in contact with always carry the tools they need.
Having the spare parts we need for repair in stock, having replacement locks and alarms in store, as well as having the knowledge on how to perform our services in a swift, and professional manner.
So give us a call and speak with one of our team at Abbotsford Locksmiths about your lock, key or security inquiry.
Plus, here at Abbotsford Locksmiths there is no job in home or small business security, or day to day locksmith services we cannot provide swiftly, professionally and at affordable prices!


SLS-Locksmiths-LogoCWe are a mobile Abbotsford Locksmiths service solution available to anyone, anywhere, any time! Our comprehensive Abbotsford Locksmiths service covers all manner of lock issues.
From broken keys in lock barrels, replacement locks after a break in, or simply upgrading from old cylinder locks to brand new, anti-snap locks for your security and peace of mind.
We’ve got the network of independent locksmiths and know how to carry out any job.
We are a quality Abbotsford Locksmiths provider, renowned all over the country for our incredible, friendly, low cost service.
Unlike other emergency Abbotsford Locksmiths providers, we are available 24 hours a day, so before you call any other garage, or emergency service, try us and see if we can beat your best quote! It’s our promise to you to provide the best possible service for the best possible price.
Contact us on 0330 22 32 805 or visit the locations from the menu above to access your city directly.

Lost Keys

Then you will find your keys there when they are seemingly lost.
So in order to save time, money and to avoid stressful situations, it’s always good to keep your keys in a regular place.
But we understand that regardless of the care you take you will perhaps at some point land in a situation where you need a Abbotsford Locksmiths emergency lock out service, and of course at these times just give us a call, and we’ll make sure that someone will come to your location in a swift and professional manner.
All the Abbotsford Locksmiths trained professionals we deal with are of the highest professional standards, both in services, products and customer care.
So make sure you keep the number for us here at SLS Abbotsford Locksmiths close at hand, and give us a call should you ever find yourself in need.
We are open 24h per day, and we guarantee you the quickest professional service in the area.
Of course if there is anything else that you need a Abbotsford Locksmiths for, key cutting, lock repairs, alarm installations, security inspections and much more, also feel free to give us a call today so we can put you in touch with an expert in your area.
Note that at SLS we provide you with an expert Abbotsfordlocksmith to solve all your lock and security issues.
We do not conduct the work ourselves but put you in contact with a trusted professional.
Your locksmith pays us a fee for our services which is included in the price you are quoted – not extra.
All prices can be agreed before your Abbotsford Locksmiths is dispatched as most standard prices are fixed.
This ensures that you are fully informed of prices and there are no nasty surprises.
That’s why so many people trust our service.

Abbotsford Locksmiths PROFESSIONALS

So if you want to make sure you get a professional service, and the most up to date experience, why not speak to one of our dedicated team members here at Abbotsford Locksmiths.
We incorporate reliability in our practices thanks to our strong commitment to our customers.
A commitment which to us at Abbotsford Locksmiths means always ensuring you the best service, the best quality products, and the most professional personnel.
We share knowledge and discussion with each other on a daily basis no matter if it’s your home or your business premises, please get in touch with us here at Abbotsford Locksmiths today!

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Still not satisfied that we’re the Abbotsford Locksmiths for you? What’s more, and where possible, the locksmith will usually promise to get to you within the hour! We’ve never come across a job we weren’t able to tackle, it doesn’t matter what the job is, how big or complex, we’ve got the Abbotsford Locksmiths network experience and know how, as well as access to and use of the latest security technology, to ensure we get the job done to the highest and most secure standard possible! Stuck on the wrong side of your home or office door? No problem, we guarantee to get you in in no time.
We can access, replace or repair all kinds of lock for your residential, commercial or industrial property.
We also cover locks on windows!

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